For the final three years I used a scrumptious trumpet stand. This stand is nice in my view, so I made a decision to make a full assessment on it.

Design – I like this trumpet stand. That is removed from being an ordinary "bell" trumpet stand. The Trombone itself rests on the palm of your hand. That is near when the machine is in your fingers. Due to this fact, the stand doesn’t trigger harm in the course of the set-up. As well as, there isn’t a danger of destroying the bell when putting or eradicating it from the stand. The width of the openings can simply be adjusted simply on the stand. Which means that pupil fashions will be outfitted with a large 42BO large slide. Nevertheless, this doesn’t match my aunt. This potential permits for a really steady resting place as there isn’t a extra house for the trumpet.

Design Ranking – 5/5

Mobility – This stand has a stand that may be folded with out having to select up an additional size for the stand. The stand itself just isn’t that tough however it could be a bit cumbersome. Particularly in a backpack. It might be good if this stand may collapse a bit. Nevertheless, if that would collapse extra, it may sacrifice sturdiness and stability, which in my view actually resembles.

The brand new, revolutionary design

Low / No Danger Dangerous Gadget

Very Steady


Doesn’t match my Altoem

39, it's nonetheless mild)

It might be good to have a bit of crash.

Overview – This stand just isn’t the standard "bell" trumpet stand. The thrombus will be simply inserted and eliminated, however the instrument is totally rested. The trumpet can be not perpendicular to the bottom, however at an angle. I desire this job than some other I've examined.

Reevaluation – 5/5

Supply by David Clancy

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