looking for a way to make money fast? If you have a large truck as a pick-up truck, retrieve and return shopping carts a cash prize.

Almost all medium and large retailing, variety and large supermarket shopping carts stock on hand. They bought the store, of course, that customers can use when shopping in the store.

Buy stroller expensive. The average cost to the retailer is only one of the 75 and 100 dollars. Large, like the kind you find wholesalers and club stores can run upwards of $ 200 or more.

Most retail stores dozens of them; busy big box stores up to hundreds of them. Purchase enough for them to meet at the store & # 39; s demand and the level of traffic requires a significant expenditure of cash.

Therefore, in the interest of the retailer is to protect that investment. Most retailers do their best to make sure that the vehicles remain property store. However, buying stolen buggy too common. The average store lost approximately $ 8,000 $ 10,000 annually to this problem.

Because it is so expensive to buy, many shop owners and retail companies pay cash rewards for the return of the stolen cars (or "borrowed") and did not return. Typically, a cash prize of $ 25-50 a basket.

Here & # 39; and how you can download and reverse stroller cash: contact retailers in the area, which shopping carts. Find out if they repay carts. Many have, but did not give cash rewards to anyone. (Store owners do not want the audience to take advantage of the reward system of stealing cars themselves in order to get the reward.) Generally, you have to sign a cash-for-retrieval contract.

You & # 39; ll that certain forms of identification, usually a driver & # 39; s license and one other element (such as social security or credit card). You may have to sign a waiver of liability discharge to the store in case something unexpected.

You know, that measures any or all of the retailers in the area. The more contracts you have, the more money you can make.

If you & # 39; I lived in the city for any length of time, you & # 39; ve probably seen a common dump sites buy stolen stroller. Visit these sites regularly. Also, it is customary to keep your eyes open whenever you & # 39; away and the city. You & # 39; ll probably notice discarded shopping carts regularly. You can pick this up and return them as they come across them or keep them at home until you have several of them.

Source by Scott Lindsay

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