Many individuals obsessed with tape work. We admire the supplies, gently touching their shiny, shiny and velvety surfaces. Stunning bows could make robust or delicate statements. The bows are used for solemn ceremonies and celebrations. The presents are embellished with bow. After packing a present, I by no means really feel fully full till I've added a superb bow. Now with some easy directions you are able to do your individual bow at residence.
Tape units in several sizes and colours


Pack and tie the bundle in the long term on the tape. Use an additional 2 or 21/2 yard piece of seven/eight "satin or taffeta ribbon to create a rosette Make a set of three" loops so long as you might have eight or 10 loops for a full perky bow. Thread the thread between the loops, then place the middle of the loops, then place the middle of the loops between the nodes and maintain the ends of the packet band in a decent knot.

There are lots of sorts of packaging. One is to create a brief loop together with your left hand and lengthy loops together with your left hand and lengthy loops together with your proper hand.

Poinsettia Bow:
Medium poinsettia can use tape between three "and four" extensive. You need to use crimson satin or taffeta with very sharp delicacy. Make markings on the actual distance of the strip width. three "faucet the three" slot and four "ribbon, spotlight four". To make petals, minimize to diagonal traces. Lace genes on the straight line of a ribbon and the vertical middle of the sieve. Maintain the genes in place, tightly with the screw. Order three petals to make a 6-pointed flower. Load a knot with yellow child ribbon or yellow flower middle.

This bow is good for Christmas!

Supply by A. Labedzki

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