Visiting coupon, refund or discount websites first

as a go to to a overseas nation. See the next phrases:

GDA! BBW B & M BOGO soaps, HTH

And do you assume MI? Huh? What are they speaking about? What

the language THAT?

(Translate: Good Transaction Warning! Bathtub & Physique Works

brick and mortar store to buy-one-get-a soaps, hope this


I imply sufficient if you’d like TYHO!

(Take away your hair – I uploaded it.)

Earlier than clicking on frustration let me reassure you

It’s doable to be like a local – you simply want a information

of terminology, abbreviations, abbreviations, definitions and customary

phrase utilization could be discovered within the rebate and premium product lists, coupon and

on-line code checklist, refund and buying and selling boards

Each visited web site has its personal phrases, however

are normally the commonest expressions within the checklist

B & M = Like a B1G1, purchase one, get one (normally free)

C / O = Money or Cent

CPN = Coupon


CSR = Buyer Reps

CVS = Pharmacy / Support

DB = Expensive / Honey / Darn Brother

Registration letter

DD * = Expensive Darling / Darn's daughter

DUP = Duplicates

DW = Expensive / Honey / Darn Spouse

DS * = Expensive / Darling / Darn Son [EB=ExtraBucks(CVS)


ESC = Straightforward Saver Reb

GC = Present Certificates

GDA = Good Enterprise

LMK = Bear in mind


LSASE = Lengthy standalone addressed envelope stamped

MIB = Mint field

LOL = Exclude loudly and / or with luck

MS = Thriller Shopper

NOB = New in field

NOC = No bank card

NOC = No bank card

NWC = No bank card

New Label

NWT = New Labels

OBO = or Finest Supply

PLMK = Pl Simply Notify

POB = Mailbox

= Buy certificates

PP = buy value

PPHF = PayPal dealing with charge

POSTG = postage

ranking Q = buy affirmation

RAOK = random motion

Self-addressed pressed envelope

SMP = Specified Packages

TOS = Phrases of Use

TTFN = ] W / L or WL = Want checklist

WAHM = Work from home mom

Winetags = Bottle of Wine Bottle

YMMV = Merchandise (or Kilometer) Might Adjustments

* (Add S to step _, so DSD Expensive / Darling / Darn Step-Daughter)

Supply by Diana Ratliff

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